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How to Fix Holes in your Story, Plot (and All Things Self-Editing)

Are you a writer wondering how to go about self-editing your novel? While creating early drafts of your fiction, you can have several complex issues that can often send you going mad. And if you want to learn how to deal with them as you try to edit your own work, my conversation with Gabriela Blandy is definitely for you.

You Already Understand Story

As writers, we often have a visceral understanding of story. We can tell if a story just doesn't feel quite right. But when creating our own story, we may be too close to it to even see its flaws. We're often unable to point our finger at exactly what we find wrong with our own story. This makes self-editing your novel quite challenging.

You Are Not Alone!

Unfortunately, many writers take this feeling of uncertainty about their work as a representation of their lack of ability or talent. They think that they're not talented writers. But there are honestly too many complexities that we have to face as writers as we work through our drafts, that we can't blame it all on ourselves.

I'm Here to Share my Insights

As a developmental editor of several years, I'm here to share my insights on how to fix holes in the story, plot and all things self-editing. Stay tuned for the entire discussion, and learn more about self-editing your novel.

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