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Book Review: Match for the Billionaire by Eve Madison

For me, Match for the Billionaire by Eve Madison is a romance that falls short in several critical areas.

The book's premise centres around Derek, a billionaire businessman, who hires Mia, a clumsy waitress, as his assistant. Unfortunately, the motivation behind this hiring decision remains puzzling throughout the story. Derek's reasoning seems flimsy at best, as it's suggested that her hiring might be solely based on her looks. This does a disservice to the character and raises concerns about Derek's credibility as a businessman. The lack of a substantial reason for Mia's employment made it difficult for me to connect with the story's premise.

Mia's character, despite being portrayed as clumsy, lacks any significant internal conflict related to the relationship. This absence of depth makes her character one-dimensional and difficult to empathise with. As a reader, I yearn for multi-faceted characters who grapple with genuine dilemmas that add emotional depth to the narrative.

Furthermore, the claim that Mia is "the best assistant in publishing" within a week of being hired seems implausible and diminishes her credibility. It would have been more believable to see her grow into the role and earn such a title through her actions and dedication over time.

Additionally, the presence of a typo within the book, where the character Scott is mistakenly referred to as Simon, reflects poorly on the editing process. However, it doesn't diminish the overall professionalism of the work.

Despite these shortcomings, the novel does have some redeeming qualities. The writing style flows smoothly, allowing for easy reading, and the book's setting has the potential to create an alluring atmosphere. However, for me, these positives are overshadowed by the lack of depth in character development and the plot's questionable decisions.

In conclusion, Match for the Billionaire failed to deliver a compelling and well-rounded romance narrative. With unclear character motivations and shallow character development, the book left me dissatisfied. While the premise shows promise, the execution ultimately fell short for me.

That aside, if you're looking for a rip-roaring, sexy read that isn't too taxing, this may well be right up your street.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am reviewing voluntarily.

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