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Unlock the Story Within You

Do you dream of crafting a story or memoir that leaps off the page and captures hearts? Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of writer's block, unmet aspirations, and half-finished drafts, wondering what your story could have been? Writing is enchanting, but the execution can be daunting. Fear not, because I have the perfect solution for you.

Introducing My Tailored Story Development Service

Imagine writing with confidence, knowing your book has meaning and momentum, ready to captivate readers. My service goes beyond avoiding common pitfalls; it’s about creating a story that enthralls and keeps readers riveted.

Price: $1000


  • In-Depth Workbook Guidance: Develop every aspect of your story with a workbook divided into three meticulous parts.

  • Ongoing Reviews and Consultations: Detailed reviews and consultations after each workbook part ensure cohesive and effective story development.

  • Final Comprehensive Review and Strategy Session: Receive a thorough review and final strategy session to polish your story to perfection.


  • Personalised Attention: Continuous, tailored feedback and guidance throughout your writing journey.

  • Depth and Detail: Comprehensive analysis and consultations covering every element of your story.

  • Enhanced Learning: Gain deeper insights into storytelling techniques and narrative structure.

Ready to Weave Your Story?

Embark on this exciting journey today. Contact me and let's transform your dream into a story that resonates with readers. Don’t let your story remain untold.


Transform Your Writing Journey

Writing a book is an exhilarating journey filled with creativity, challenges, and incredible rewards. If you're seeking a partner to guide you through this process, providing consistent support and expert feedback, look no further.

I've tailored my 1:1 Coaching service to keep your writing on track and elevate your manuscript to its full potential.

Please note that this service is only available for projects that have already gone through the Story Development process.


  • Inline Commenting: Receive detailed feedback directly on your manuscript. This hands-on approach ensures specific, actionable advice on every page, helping you write with confidence and clarity.

  • Thorough, Compassionate Feedback: I dedicate hours to every 20-page submission, providing thorough and thoughtful commentary to refine your narrative, character development, and writing style.

  • Coaching Call: A one-on-one call to discuss the comments, ask questions, and plan the next steps. Schedule the call at your convenience, subject to my availability.

Price: $225 per 20-page submission.

Why Choose My 1:1 Coaching Service?

  • Consistent Support: Regular sessions ensure you stay motivated and on track, helping you build momentum and confidence in your writing.

  • Targeted Feedback: Inline comments provide specific guidance, enabling you to make meaningful improvements to your manuscript.

  • Expertise: Benefit from my extensive experience in writing and coaching, bringing valuable insights to your manuscript.

Ready to Transform Your Writing?

If you're committed to making your manuscript the best it can be, my 1:1 Coaching service is the perfect companion on your writing journey. Let's collaborate to bring your story to life, ensuring it resonates with readers and fulfils your creative vision.

Contact me today to get started, and let's turn your manuscript into a masterpiece!

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