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Tailored Precision for Every Word

I designed my Manuscript Evaluation service to provide a comprehensive assessment of your work, pinpointing its strengths and uncovering areas for improvement. With a price-per-word model, you get a detailed, fair, and transparent evaluation process.

  • Investment: $0.0234 per word.

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Your manuscript undergoes an extensive review, highlighting its unique strengths while providing constructive feedback on areas needing improvement.

  • Focused Improvements: Pinpoint exact areas for refinement.

  • Enhanced Understanding: Gain clarity on why certain aspects may not work and how to improve them.

  • Personalised Consultation Call: We'll have a 120-minute one-on-one call to talk through the evaluation and strategise for its refinement.

The Evaluation Process

  1. Submit Your Manuscript: From novellas to epic novels, my pricing adapts to your manuscript's length.

  2. Receive In-Depth Feedback: In 4-6 weeks—manuscripts longer than 80.000 words may take longer—you can look forward to a thorough evaluation covering all aspects of my bespoke 'hierarchy of editorial concerns'.

  3. Direct Discussion: Once my evaluation feedback has settled with you, we'll have coaching call to discuss the feedback and plan your next steps.

Elevate Your Writing Today

Your manuscript reflects your dedication and talent, and my Manuscript Evaluation service is here to ensure that every aspect of your work is polished and powerful. With detailed feedback and the option for inline commenting, you're set to elevate your writing to new heights.

Get in touch now and take the first step towards refining your manuscript into a masterpiece.


A Journey to Excellence

Welcome to a service that's more than just editing – it's a complete transformation of your manuscript. I've crafted the 3D Manuscript Revision service for writers committed to turning their work into a masterpiece. For a monthly investment of $450, plus optional additional hours at $75, you embark on a guided journey to enhance every aspect of your manuscript.

Your Path to a Polished Masterpiece:

  • Deadline 1: We'll start with some high-level foundational worksheets and a high-level manuscript evaluation, followed by a coaching call discussing feedback and the next the next steps.

  • Deadline 2: Depending on your book's foundation, you'll work on an “As Is” or full Blueprint outline, receiving detailed feedback and another strategic call.

  • Deadline 3: You'll develop a Next Steps Outline, plus my evaluation and brainstorming in a follow-up call.

  • Further Deadlines: You'll continue refining your Next Steps Outline, applying revisions, and aligning your manuscript with planned changes. Regular calls ensure continuous progress and feedback.

  • Final Phases: Work through detailed manuscript revisions, updating your outline to reflect changes, with continuous evaluation and coaching support.

Invest in Your Writing Future
This rigorous, comprehensive coaching service isn't just an investment in your current project but a masterclass in the art of revision.

Ready to elevate your manuscript from good to game-changing? Contact me and transform your dream into a reality.

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