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Your Personalised Pathway

Unlock the door to publishing with the Pitch Package Development service, now enhanced with personalised agent research. I will meticulously research and compile a list of at least 30 suitable agents, which we will then rank together, tailoring it to fit your book’s unique appeal.

What's Included:

  • Personalised Agent Research: I will identify and rank at least 10 agents perfect for your book.

  • Customised Query Letter & Synopsis: Development of a persuasive query letter to captivate agents' interest.

  • Complete Pitch Materials: Preparation of all the essential materials to present your book in its very best light.

Why Opt for This Service?

  • Expert Guidance: Leverage my research and expertise to target the right agents.

  • Collaborative Ranking: Together, we'll select the best agents to approach.

  • Compelling Pitch: Enhance your chance of success with a pitch that resonates.

Start Your Journey to Publication
For $1500, embark on a journey to bring your book into the hands of agents and publishers. Contact me today, and let’s pave your way to publishing triumph.

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