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Your Key to Publishing Success

Embark on a journey to success with my Nonfiction Book Proposal Development service. Tailored for nonfiction writers, it transforms your book idea into a compelling proposal to catch the eye of agents and publishers.

What This Service Includes:

  • Expertise in Nonfiction: Focused guidance on crafting a proposal that highlights your book's unique concept and market potential.

  • Detailed Development Process: Assistance in creating and perfecting every element of your book proposal and showcasing your expertise.

  • Iterative Collaboration: Engage in a rigorous, collaborative process designed to refine and perfect your proposal.

Why Invest in Your Proposal?

  • Unlock Publishing Doors: A well-crafted proposal is crucial to selling your nonfiction book.

  • Dedicated Support: Benefit from my dedicated support throughout this demanding but rewarding journey.

  • Enhance Your Pitch: Elevate your pitch with a proposal that clearly articulates the value and potential of your book.

Ready to Turn Your Idea into a Reality?
With this service, priced at $4000, take the first step towards turning your nonfiction book concept into a published reality. Be prepared for hard work, but also for the satisfaction of crafting a proposal that stands out.

Contact me to start developing your nonfiction book proposal today.


Your Personalised Pathway

Unlock the door to publishing with the Pitch Package Development service, now enhanced with personalised agent research. I will meticulously research and compile a list of at least 30 suitable agents, which we will then rank together, tailoring it to fit your book’s unique appeal.

What's Included:

  • Personalised Agent Research: I will identify and rank at least 10 agents perfect for your book.

  • Customised Query Letter & Synopsis: Development of a persuasive query letter to captivate agents' interest.

  • Complete Pitch Materials: Preparation of all the essential materials to present your book in its very best light.

Why Opt for This Service?

  • Expert Guidance: Leverage my research and expertise to target the right agents.

  • Collaborative Ranking: Together, we'll select the best agents to approach.

  • Compelling Pitch: Enhance your chance of success with a pitch that resonates.

Start Your Journey to Publication
For $3000, embark on a journey to bring your book into the hands of agents and publishers. Contact me today, and let’s pave your way to publishing triumph.

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