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Book Review: Can You Make The Title Bigga? by Jessica Bell

Like most people, I'm drawn to book covers. They are the husk of a book, the packaging that contains such wonderful ideas, stories, and characters.

Now for the book’s cover, it has to be compelling. Authors put so much work into writing their books that they often neglect the cover. It is such a shame because a cover is often the first things people see when browsing for new books to read. So why is it so hard to find a good book with an attention grabbing cover?

I had assumed a book about cover design might be dry. Useful, but dry.

That's not the case with this book. Jessica's creativity spills onto the page not just in examples of her work (and the work that came before it) but also in her writing. Because of that, even the technical sections of the book feel both entertaining and informative.

Colour theory, author psychology, reader psychology—it's all there.

If you're thinking of designing book covers, either for yourself or for other writers, I'd definitely recommend diving into this book. It offers a wealth of information about what makes a good book cover, from design basics to working with clients, to printing needs.



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