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Behind the Seams is a 2021 BookLife Prize Fiction Contest Semifinalist!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I'm delighted to announce that my book, Behind the Seams, has reached the semifinals of the 2021 BookLife Prize Fiction Contest.

This year's Fiction Contest had over 900 entries, so I'm proud that the BookLife reviewers judged my book as one of the best.

Here's some more about Behind the Seams:

"A heart-warming gay romance in a fresh and vivid setting."

"Excellent telling of a classic human story set in one of the more bonkers corners of our modern world."

"Everything was good: the characters, the pacing, the conflicts, the humour, the banter, all of it."

"Sumptuous detailed descriptions of clothing and the art of sewing and fashion design are what make this story a cut above other gay romances. Wakefield develops the relationship between Kit and Barker in tandem with the filming of the episodes of a reality TV show and that device adds interest and tension to the story."The 2021 BookLife Prize Critic's Report

When apprentice Savile Row tailor Kit Redman auditions for smash-hit UK TV show Runway Rivals, he’s instantly drawn to charismatic fellow auditionee Barker Wareham.

After a disastrous audition at the hands of savage fashion editor, and Runway Rivals judge, Nancy Shearsmith, Kit’s convinced he won’t get through, but he’s wrong.

As filming begins, Kit comes face-to-face with Barker, who makes it clear it’s all about winning the show and nothing more.

But there’s more to Barker than meets the eye.

Now, with Nancy intent on ruining Kit’s dream of becoming a world-class fashion designer, can he ever hope to win the show and get the man?

Buy Behind the Seams here.


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