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Are you struggling to unleash the bestseller within you? Are you at the point where you can see your story, but you can't quite put the words down that capture your vision?

Trust me, you're far from alone, but I can change that.
Writing a book—whether it's fiction, non-fiction, or memoir—can feels like an insurmountable challenge. You know you have an incredible story or life-changing idea, but it's as if you're gearing up to throw yourself out of a plane without so much as a parachute.

Stop worrying. I've got your back (and a spare parachute).

I'm Stuart, an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach, and I'm dedicated to transforming your dream into a reality. I'm here to guide you from the embryonic idea stage to that exhilarating (and, for me, teary) moment you finally hold your book in your hands.

I offer specialised coaching across a spectrum of genres:

Whether you're penning a sweeping Historical epic, igniting the warm and fuzzies in a Romance, or capturing young hearts and minds in YA and New Adult, I've got you.

Are you struggling to structure your game-changing theory or life-hacks? I can help you organise your thoughts so you can create a narrative with real impact.

Memoir: Your story deserves to be told, and told well. I'll help you shape your experiences into a compelling, relatable tale that resonates with readers.

So, if you're stuck staring at a blank page or caught up in a sticky web of ideas, let's get together and get you on your way to authorship. It's time for the world to read your story.

Let's make it happen.

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Enrol in "Emotional Echoes: The Art of Character Backstory" now!

I’m excited to launch a new online course called "Emotional Echoes: The Art of Character Backstory".

You'll get richer character development, practical techniques, expert guidance, deeper storytelling, immediate application, and lifetime access!

Emotional Echoes went live on Monday 18th September.

If you order the course now, you'll get it at a special discount of $47, then the price goes up to $97 on Monday 2nd October!

Find out more here.

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If you don't do the work upfront to develop your story or memoir, you'll become frustrated and disheartened, and lose interest in what should be an exhilarating time in your life.

I'll guide you through the creation of a story blueprint from which you can write forward with confidence.​


Think that nonfiction books are easier to write than fiction?

Think again.

Nonfiction books require precise planning, so if you don’t know who your reader is, the journey you’re leading them on, and the outcomes along the way, then you’re in trouble.

I'll guide you through the creation of a nonfiction book blueprint from which you can write your book proposal with confidence.


Ever wish you had a foolproof system for transforming your manuscript?

This intensive coaching service is designed to walk you through the complete revision process. It’s exhaustive and demanding, but it’s also the most comprehensive assistance I offer.

Together, we’ll identify everything that needs to be refined, reworked, or revamped—and then with my targeted coaching, you'll not only revive that manuscript but bring it to its full, glorious potential.


Ah, the dreadful development edit letter.  This can be daunting, I know. But don't worry.

Over 4-6 weeks (for an 80k manuscript) I'll read your manuscript closely and craft a letter that sets out what needs tackling—and the order in which it needs to be tackled.

We'll have a virtual session to discuss the points raised in the letter. You'll have space to ask questions, get further insight, and collaborate on a plan to make your story shine brighter than ever.


Understanding everything that goes into a nonfiction book proposal can be a daunting task. There are so many moving parts that must work together if you’re going to catch the eye of an agent and publisher.

I’ll guide you through the minefield of the book proposal process, ensuring you’re laser-focused on each element and that they hang together as a whole.


You've written a book, but to give yourself the best chance of landing a literary agent, you're going to need a silver sword, some chain mail, and the will to succeed.


What you're actually going to need is every element of your pitch package complete before you start pitching.

I'll help you get those elements right, and I'll even research a list of potential agents for you!

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Let's face it, a background of 26 years that spans theatre, broadcast media, and coaching, is unique, and it's grounded me in storytelling and how narratives play out. My passion for stories started out with comic books, TV, and movies, then grew into pretty much any literature I could get my hands on. But it's not just about my personal experiences. With an MA (Distinction) in Professional Writing, I think my dedication to the craft is pretty evident.

My debut novel, "Body of Water," was long-listed for the Polari First Book Prize, and my latest novel, "Behind the Seams," reached the semifinals of the 2021 BookLife Fiction Prize Contest (that's one of 25 books out of the total 900 entered). And to make things even more exciting, my first TV show is set to air on the UK's Channel 4 in 2023!

It was my journey in education that kindled my interest in coaching. I was always the guy people gave their manuscripts to, "just to see what you think," and my feedback always resonated. As a writer myself, I understand the challenges we writers face, and I felt a deep-rooted desire to make the daunting process of writing a book easier. As an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach, I've integrated my passion for storytelling with my mission to guide budding writers. My primary focus is to help them weave tales filled with vibrant characters, momentum, and meaning. With someone by your side, writing a novel doesn't always have to be difficult.

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No exaggeration - Stuart is a magician and I cannot rate him highly enough. He always knows the way around a problem and has helped me take my pitch package from a tangled mess of insecurity and procrastination, to something that, dare I say it, actually feels like the real deal.

Eira Morgan-Harrisskitt


As an Author Accelerator Book Coach:

  • I'm a guiding editor, mentor, and enthusiast: Armed with the skills to assist you through any phase of your writing journey.

  • I'm a conduit for creative exploration: With my training, I amplify clarity and direction.

  • I'm a steadfast collaborator: My dedication often sees me partnering with writers over extended periods, ensuring regularity and responsibility.

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I have been recognised as one of the Top Book Coaches by Coach Foundation.

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