Some of my clients share their experiences with The Book Coach and how my services have helped them.

Portrait of UK Book Coaching client Heather Mussett

Stuart was the first person, other than friends and family, to read my writing since I was at university, so of course I was a bit apprehensive sharing my baby - but as it turns out, I needn't have worried! I really looked forward to reading Stuart's comments because they were smart, insightful, and in some parts really made me laugh. Editing can be such a demoralising experience but Stuart has been so supportive and I couldn't be more grateful!

Heather Mussett, Development Edit Client

Portrait of UK Book Coaching client Jess Morency

Writing a book is scary; requiring the need to pepper your walls with phrases like ’She believed she could, so she did’. Alternatively, you can hire Stuart’s professional services. 

Through his unique blend of kind and gentle guidance he'll give you all the confidence you’ll need. Not least, because he: knows what he’s talking about; will be constructively critical when necessary; and is brilliant at structuring, proof-reading and brainstorming

I’d say you’re lucky to have found him. He’ll make your journey so much more enjoyable. 

Jess Morency, Development Edit Client


Stuart is an incredibly warm, encouraging, and insightful book coach. His soft-spoken, thoughtful demeanor immediately put me at ease, and his attention to detail and tough-love honesty assured me that I was in expert hands from start to finish. Working with Stuart sparked my creativity and helped me think in new directions, simultaneously helping me to deepen my story and motivating me to do the hard work involved in making it the best version of itself. Stuart has a deep understanding of story logic and what motivates readers to connect with characters. He deftly pinpoints issues with the character development and plot inconsistencies. If you want to write a book that resonates with readers—Stuart is the perfect book coach to connect with!

Heather Davis, Story Development Client