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If you don't do the work upfront to develop your story, you'll never finish writing your masterpiece, or you'll write drafts that fall short of what you envisaged. You'll become frustrated and disheartened, and lose interest in what should be an exhilarating time in your life.

That's why I'm here to help, guiding you through the creation of a story that will draw your readers in from start to finish.

You'll have 4 deadlines and 4 coaching calls of 60 minutes each, where we'll review and celebrate your progress. This entire journey can be completed in just three months and equip you with a solid blueprint from which you can write forward with confidence.

So let's get started right away and create something amazing together!



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Stuart is an incredibly warm, encouraging, and insightful book coach. His soft-spoken, thoughtful demeanor immediately put me at ease, and his attention to detail and tough-love honesty assured me that I was in expert hands from start to finish. Working with Stuart sparked my creativity and helped me think in new directions, simultaneously helping me to deepen my story and motivating me to do the hard work involved in making it the best version of itself. Stuart has a deep understanding of story logic and what motivates readers to connect with characters. He deftly pinpoints issues with the character development and plot inconsistencies. If you want to write a book that resonates with readers—Stuart is the perfect book coach to connect with!

Heather Davis, Story Development, Speculative Fiction

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I did a LOT of research before hiring Stuart.  I chose him over other book coaches because of his experience, expertise, and his positive and informative interactions with other writers in online writing groups to which I belong.  

What I found especially valuable are Stuart’s abilities to piece out exactly where the story needs work. Just as important are his skills in guiding me to view my story and characters from a variety of perspectives. His thought-provoking questions and suggestions encouraged me to explore my story’s elements and my characters’ motivations thoroughly. For example, I struggled greatly writing the book jacket copy. I was lost in the details and could not focus on the overarching story and main character’s journey. I had to rewrite the jacket copy several times; it was not easy. Stuart stayed with me for the whole process, always patient and encouraging. His insights and compassion guided me through the struggle. As a result, my book jacket copy now captures the heart of the story while also being succinct and interesting. It even piqued the interest of a friend who doesn’t read fiction.  

Every work-in-progress novel needs story development. Because I decided to work with Stuart, my novel will be exponentially better. I will work with him again. He is an exceptional book coach.

BA Davies, Story Development, Contemporary Romance

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