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Believe that penning a nonfiction book is a walk in the park compared to fiction?

Time for a reality check.

Crafting a compelling nonfiction masterpiece is no small feat. It demands meticulous planning and a laser-like focus on your target reader, the transformative journey you'll take them on, and the life-changing outcomes you'll deliver. Miss the mark on any of these, and you risk a lacklustre manuscript that gathers dust instead of acclaim.

That's where I come in. I won't just be your book coach; consider me your Nonfiction Navigator. Together, we'll sculpt a foolproof Nonfiction Blueprint that serves as a robust foundation for your book proposal. With this tailored roadmap in hand, you won't just be writing; you'll be orchestrating a narrative experience that's impossible to put down.


Your vision deserves more than a half-hearted attempt; it warrants an investment in your future success. Make that investment today for just $2000, and take the first step towards making your nonfiction dream a bestselling reality.


Overwhelmed by the intricate labyrinth that is a nonfiction book proposal? You're not alone. With myriad elements that must seamlessly coalesce to grab the attention of discerning agents and publishers, it's easy to feel like you're navigating a minefield blindfolded.

But what if you had a seasoned guide to illuminate the path for you? That's where I come in. Imagine me as your Book Proposal Pathfinder, armed with the expertise to ensure every facet of your proposal shines brilliantly and resonates as a cohesive whole.

We'll dive deep into each component—market analysis, comparative titles, your unique selling proposition, and more—to ensure you're not just ticking boxes, but genuinely captivating those who hold the key to your publishing dreams.


Let's be clear: a top-tier book proposal isn't just an application; it's your passport to the literary big leagues. Isn't it worth investing in your future as a game-changing author? For $4000, I'll equip you with the skills, strategy, and, most importantly, the confidence to craft a proposal that doesn't just open doors—it kicks them wide open.


Ever find yourself staring at your manuscript, wishing for a magic wand that could instantly elevate it from 'good' to 'game-changing'? You're in luck. While I can't offer magical incantations, I can provide something equally transformative: a bulletproof system honed to turn your manuscript into a nonfiction tour de force.

Introducing my most rigorous and comprehensive coaching service, designed exclusively for the nonfiction writer who's committed to excellence. This isn't a superficial read-through; it's a it's a guided overhaul - an infusion of brilliance.

Imagine us as a dynamic duo, you as the Visionary and me as your Nonfiction Maestro. We'll tackle every aspect of your manuscript that needs honing, be it structure, narrative flow, or pinpointing the key takeaways that will leave your readers spellbound. By the end of our collaboration, you won't just have a manuscript; you'll possess a polished masterpiece that embodies its fullest, most extraordinary potential.


Let's talk numbers. For an investment of $450 a month, you're not just getting feedback; you're gaining a personalised masterclass in manuscript refinement. Consider this an investment in your future—not just of this book but of every nonfiction project you'll ever undertake.


So you've penned a book. Congrats! But before you start envisioning yourself as a literary knight in shining armour, ready to conquer the publishing world, let's get real. Landing an agent isn't about having a mythical sword or enchanted chain mail. It's about wielding a pitch package so compelling it's practically spellbinding.

What's in this magical arsenal, you ask? An irresistibly engaging overview, a query letter that's nothing short of enchanting, a carefully curated list of the industry's top literary agents, and a battle-tested pitching strategy that leaves nothing to chance.

That's where I come in—your personal Pitch Package Alchemist. We'll take the raw elements of your vision and refine them until they gleam with the kind of allure that agents find impossible to resist. And because we don't believe in one-size-fits-all, I'll also personally research agents to identify those most likely to champion your book.

Please note, this elite service is exclusively reserved for clients who have journeyed through the book proposal development process with me. Why? Because crafting a pitch package this potent requires a deep understanding of your project—one that can only be gained through our collaborative work on your proposal.


Think of this $2400 investment as the final, crucial ingredient in your recipe for publishing success. It's more than just a sum—it's an investment in transforming you from an aspiring writer into a publishing sensation.

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