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Out in the Cold - Coming December 5th

I'm thrilled to announce that my new novelette, Out in the Cold, is available for pre-order, launching on December 5th!

Published in Snapshorts: Collected Stories, Out in the Cold, tells the story of ranch hand Faron Noble and his boss, Marius Tillman.

Set in 1887’s Montana, during the ‘Big Die-Up’ that killed thousands of cattle, the two men battle against the brutal winter, injury, and—the most challenging of all—their feelings.

I worked with three Author Accelerator book coaches—yes, three!—on this story, and it's so much better for their involvement.

Here's the book jacket copy for the anthology:

Photographs make no sound. They are flat and silent, yet they trigger memories, thoughts, and emotions that last a lifetime.

The Hertfordshire Writing Group has captured the essence of photographs, whether they are nostalgic, romantic, or dramatic. Each photograph is a story, a fragment of a life lived. A moment of time, frozen in time.

A spinster reveals that her life hasn’t been as loveless as everyone thought.

A naïve photographer captures the absurd brutality of the Vietnam War.

A model's descent into darkness after a photography session at sea.

A girl. An attic. One mystery. Six photographs. A way out?

Two men. One secret. A photograph that seems to know.

A kidnapped woman has to photograph a dangerous cybertronic creature in order to win back her freedom from a greedy ruler.

From historical fiction to science fiction, mystery to romance, these unforgettable stories will linger with you long after you finish the last page.

Out in the Cold will also be an audiobook. More on that soon...


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