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A Celebration is on for The Conflict Thesaurus Volume 2 Book Release & You Could Win

Hi everyone! Today’s a big day – The Conflict

just released, and as a Street Team member I get to let everyone know that Angela & Becca have a celebration going on at Writers Helping Writers!

But first – let me share a bit about this new

writing guide.

The Conflict Thesaurus is actually a two-book set; the first book, the GOLD EDITION, started a deep dive into CONFLICT, and this new SILVER EDITION continues that exploration, helping writers master this oh-so- important storytelling element.

If you’re new to Writers Helping Writers Thesaurus books, each one is part “how-to,” part

brainstorming tool. So, in this silver second edition, writers learn about how conflict powers plot

and functions as a golden threat that weaves the inner and outer stories together. It also looks at

the different levels of conflict in a story and how conflict can characterise, create great clashes,

raise the stakes, up the tension, and pull off a climatic finish that will satisfy readers.

The brainstorming ‘thesaurus” portion looks at 115 Conflict Scenarios that will help you dream

up a variety of problems and challenges that can shape your characters into the people they must

become to achieve their story goal.

Angela and Becca always host a fun event at their book launch. This year, they have two things to check out:

Their First Ever Writing Contest - and I'm a Judge!

A book about conflict warrants a FIGHT CLUB type writing contest, don’t you think? So if you want to show off your conflict-writing abilities, come test your skills. You might just win a GREAT prize… and bragging rights, of course!

(Did I mention I'm judge?)

Also, You Could Win a Digital Bookshelf of Writing Guides

Angela and Becca want you to own some of their favourite writing guides, so follow the link to

enter. You might just snag a 5-packs of amazing craft books that will get you one step closer to


Good luck in the giveaway and writing contest!



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