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You've written a book, but to give yourself the best chance of landing a literary agent, you're going to need a silver sword, some chain mail, and the will to succeed.


What you're actually going to need is every element of your pitch package complete before you start pitching—an engrossing synopsis, an enticing query letter, a solid list of literary agents, and a pitching strategy.

I'll help you get those elements right—it's a lot harder than it looks—as well as research those literary agents.

Please note that I reserve this service for clients for whom I've already completed a manuscript evaluation.



Pitch Package Development: Price List

No exaggeration - Stuart is a magician and I cannot rate him highly enough. He always knows the way around a problem and has helped me take my pitch package from a tangled mess of insecurity and procrastination, to something that, dare I say it, actually feels like the real deal. I feel immeasurably more confident in everything that I’m doing and I genuinely don’t think I would ever have got to this point without his steady hand, approachable nature and wealth of knowledge and experience. When you’re completely stuck and bamboozled by a page that’s just not right, he has an incredible ability to cast his eye over it and immediately pinpoint exactly the thing to do to suddenly make it all come together beautifully. If I could afford it I would have him on permanent speed dial for all my writing needs!

Eira Morgan-Harrisskitt, Pitch Package Development, Sentinel of the Sun, 2022 Page Turner Award finalist.

Pitch Package Development: Testimonial
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