A Young Man with a Notebook


The only way to achieve your goals is staying accountable to someone who cares about you and your story.

You want to write more—and better than ever before—but you need someone to push you forward when you get stuck.

Each month you will receive:

- In-line commenting of your pages using MS Word Track Changes.

- A one hour coaching session per month, via videoconference call, that finishes with an agreed way forward.

- Full personal email support between sessions.

You decide how many pages* you turn in each month.


- 10 pages per month: £120.

- 20 pages per month: £180.

- 30 pages per month: £240.

- 40 pages per month: £320.

The minimum mentoring period is 3 months. Bookings for 6 months attract a 10% discount. Bookings for 12 months attract a 15% discount.

* Pages should be in standard manuscript format: A4 paper size, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, and 12pt Times New Roman font.