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Are you ready to take your manuscript to the next level? I'm here to help make your vision a reality. I will provide you with a thorough Manuscript Evaluation, a rigorous analysis of everything that needs to be addressed in your work.

If I'm not familiar with your manuscript, I'll need your thoughts on what you think is working and what isn't. Additionally, I'll ask that you complete a one-page book summary to give me an idea of the fundamentals of your story.

For an 80k word manuscript, I'll commit 4-6 weeks to reading your manuscript thoroughly and drafting an in-depth editorial letter, which will be an easy-to-follow guide of the most pressing issues in your work—and in what order to address them. This evaluation isn't a line edit although I'll make inline comments throughout your pages.

Once you've had time to reflect on the editorial letter, next steps, and inline comments, we'll have a call during which we'll discuss the feedback and agree on your journey into revision.

Now is the time to take your manuscript and make it even better!


Full manuscript (up to 80,000 words): $1875

For manuscripts longer than 80,000 words: $1875 + $22.50 per additional 1,000 words (or part thereof). Those manuscripts will also take longer to review.

Manuscript Evaluation: Price List
Manuscript Evaluation: Testimonials

Margaret McNellis, Manuscript Evaluation, Historical Fiction

Right from the start, I felt like Stuart would be the right coach for my book because he instantly showed an interest in working with the story. My manuscript was a bit of a mess of loose threads as I tried to work out where to put which revisions in place, and right from the start, I felt comfortable putting my book into Stuart’s hands. I felt his excitement about it matched my own, and we were both excited to go on this literary journey together.

Partway through his work, Stuart reached out to me to tell me that he was on track to meet the set deadline and some of the things that stood out as strengths in my manuscript. This helped me not only plan my revision goals timewise, but also helped me begin to think through what I might want to discuss with Stuart. It also gave me a boost, not going to lie! It never hurts to know someone is enjoying some aspect of your story, and Stuart’s excitement for my manuscript was heartwarming.

As Stuart wrapped up reading and commenting on my manuscript, he checked in again to share his thoughts briefly, and to let me know when to expect his full feedback. I really appreciated learning in the moment how he thought about the end of my manuscript, and I looked forward to receiving his comments and letter the next day.

At about 2,500 words, Stuart’s editorial letter was thorough and helpful. He used specific examples from my manuscript to illustrate points or questions. Never did he tell me how to write or revise my story, but instead presented options, paths I might choose to take to achieve a particular effect. I read through his editorial letter many times, and will read it many times more as I revise, and each time I read it, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for his insights, his ability to see the forest and the trees, and his continued care for my story and characters.

Stuart made over 650 comments on my manuscript, and all of them were pure gold. Many asked questions. Some pointed out plot holes. Still others deepened discussions around characterization and world building that will help me add subtext and nuance to my manuscript. And some comments? They made me laugh. Aloud. This was a gift because as much experience with receiving and giving feedback as I have, there’s still the tension of anticipation in wondering if someone who knows story, someone you trust and admire, will react to your story the way you hope they will. And when those moments of levity come through, they cut that tension and make it all the more easy to think objectively about feedback. Stuart’s in-line comments were heartfelt, insightful, and a true gift for which I will always be grateful.

Our call helped bring together the editorial letter and in-line comments I’d received from Stuart, and we talked out some of the revisions I began to plan after reading his feedback. We also brainstormed. I left our call feeling pumped about my revision work and excited to bring his feedback into my manuscript.

I look forward to working with Stuart again in the future, and I plan to. No amount of financial recompense or testimonial or future spot on an acknowledgements page can express how truly grateful I am to Stuart. I feel fortunate to have worked with him, and I know my book will be all the better for it. Writing and revision are never easy (if they were, everyone would write books!), but having someone like Stuart on my side makes the prospect of revision work so much more exciting and less of something to “get through.” I’ve always loved drafting more than revising my own work, and having a path forward and a guide along that path is the greatest gift a writer could ask for.


Writing a book is scary; requiring the need to pepper your walls with phrases like ’She believed she could, so she did’. Alternatively, you can hire Stuart’s professional services. 

Through his unique blend of kind and gentle guidance he'll give you all the confidence you’ll need. Not least, because he: knows what he’s talking about; will be constructively critical when necessary; and is brilliant at structuring, proof-reading and brainstorming

I’d say you’re lucky to have found him. He’ll make your journey so much more enjoyable.

Jess Morency, Manuscript Evaluation, Commercial Women's Fiction


Stuart was the first person, other than friends and family, to read my writing since I was at university, so of course I was a bit apprehensive sharing my baby - but as it turns out, I needn't have worried! I really looked forward to reading Stuart's comments because they were smart, insightful, and in some parts really made me laugh. Editing can be such a demoralising experience but Stuart has been so supportive and I couldn't be more grateful!

Heather Mussett, Manuscript Evaluation, Commercial Women's Fiction

Manuscript Evaluation: Testimonials
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