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A Manuscript Evaluation is a rigorous, chapter-by-chapter analysis of everything that needs to be cleaned up, fixed, or overhauled in the book. It is often known as a developmental edit, and the result is an editorial letter to you about how to proceed to take the work to the next level.

Well, that's what it usually is, but who wants a dry old letter when they can have a constructive, upbeat letter, oodles of in-line comments throughout their manuscript, and a 60 minute meeting?​​

The letter helps you see what you are doing well—and what you could do better—and provides clear guidance for your next steps.

The in-line comments help you see what I'm banging on about in the letter—but in detail.

The meeting helps you discuss what questions you have, spitball a few ideas, and admire each other's general gorgeousness.



Full manuscript (up to 80,000 words): $2000

Manuscripts longer than 80,000 words: $2500

At the end of the process, you'll have a clear understanding of everything that needs to be cleaned up, fixed, or overhauled in your book.

Cool, huh?​



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Writing a book is scary; requiring the need to pepper your walls with phrases like ’She believed she could, so she did’. Alternatively, you can hire Stuart’s professional services. 

Through his unique blend of kind and gentle guidance he'll give you all the confidence you’ll need. Not least, because he: knows what he’s talking about; will be constructively critical when necessary; and is brilliant at structuring, proof-reading and brainstorming

I’d say you’re lucky to have found him. He’ll make your journey so much more enjoyable.

Jess Morency, Development Edit, Commercial Women's Fiction


Stuart was the first person, other than friends and family, to read my writing since I was at university, so of course I was a bit apprehensive sharing my baby - but as it turns out, I needn't have worried! I really looked forward to reading Stuart's comments because they were smart, insightful, and in some parts really made me laugh. Editing can be such a demoralising experience but Stuart has been so supportive and I couldn't be more grateful!

Heather Mussett, Development Edit, Commercial Women's Fiction